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"Every moment is a poem if you hold it right."

Lauren Zuniga

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"Gods plan is better"
What I’ve been remembering and need to continue to do. (via crosspreacher)

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nashivette asked: God bless you! The other day I saw that you posted you were hurt, and I know how you feel. I too had a season of hurt (and still kind of dealing with it now). Just want to share with you the verse that has helped me tons, hopefully it'll help you too :) "He heals broken-hearted, and binds up their wounds" Psalm 147:3 NIV The sun always comes after the rain. This is only a season, you can get through this! Be encouraged, God bless!


Thank you! It’s such a blessing to have followers who are so encouraging! I know that God is preparing me for something important and, even though I don’t know what it is yet, I know that His ways are higher than my ways. I trust that His plans are perfect. ❤️

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#dailyinspiration #trustintheLord #relevant #notmywillbutYoursbedone

#dailyinspiration #trustintheLord #relevant #notmywillbutYoursbedone

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#relevant  #dailyinspiration  #notmywillbutyoursbedone  #trustinthelord 
Anonymous asked: I worry about the rapture sometimes. Im not sure when it will be, but the signs of its coming have been ther for hundreds and thousands of years. the signs in the sun and the moon, famine, drought, plagues, mass executions of Christians, those things have been going on for littlerly hundreds of years. I know the signs. But I worry about my friends and I. Whether we are good enough for the rapture.



The thing is, its not about being “good enough” for God and the rapture. No one is meets Gods amazing and perfect standard. We all fall short. But God in his incredible sacrificial love for us sent his only beloved son to pay a debt for our sin we simply could not pay. Through God’s grace and our saviour’s love we can be made right with God. Its not about being good enough, its about recognising we’ve sinned and fallen short of Gods glory. Its recognising that Jesus died the most agonising death on the cross for your sin. Its about turning our back on the sins that used to dominate our lives. Its about receiving Jesus Christ as Lord. Through this, you’ll have the most amazing peace, purpose in living and assurance of eternity.

And the rest of the process of salvation (repentance, being filled with the Holy Ghost, and baptized in Jesus Name)


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I’m glad this has touched so many people ❤️

I’m glad this has touched so many people ❤️

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Trust in The Lord #dailyinspiration #bibleverse #happysunday #ihaveaPromise #standingonhispromises #hebrews10 #christianlife #apostolic

Trust in The Lord #dailyinspiration #bibleverse #happysunday #ihaveaPromise #standingonhispromises #hebrews10 #christianlife #apostolic

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#ihaveapromise  #apostolic  #standingonhispromises  #happysunday  #dailyinspiration  #christianlife  #bibleverse  #hebrews10